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Fire Emblem Tiki

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Fire Emblem Tiki

amiibo Fire Emblem Tiki - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen! Nintendo amiibo Fire Emblem Tiki im LIDL Online-Shop kaufen. Ihre Vorteile: 90 Tage Rückgaberecht ✓ Schneller Versand ✓ Flexibler Ratenkauf. Fire Emblem Awakening. Tiki - Die Stimme. Vom Krieg erschöpft kehrte Tiki zum Gelände der Wyrmgöttin zurück und schlief mehrere Tage. Danach, so heißt es.

Nintendo amiibo Fire Emblem Tiki

Fire Emblem Awakening. Tiki - Die Stimme. Vom Krieg erschöpft kehrte Tiki zum Gelände der Wyrmgöttin zurück und schlief mehrere Tage. Danach, so heißt es. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an tiki fire emblem an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für drucke zu​. Lernt das Tiki-amiibo kennen und erfahrt, wie ihr es in euren Spielen nutzen könnt!

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Tiki's Theme (Extended)

In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon und dem Nachfolger Mystery of the Emblem ist Tiki noch ein Kind und entsprechend unschuldig und naiv. Sie freundet sich mit. Fire Emblem Awakening. Tiki - Die Stimme. Vom Krieg erschöpft kehrte Tiki zum Gelände der Wyrmgöttin zurück und schlief mehrere Tage. Danach, so heißt es. In Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon rettete er Tiki, die von bösen Schergen manipuliert wurde, und stellte sie unter seinen Schutz. © Nintendo / INTELLIGENT. amiibo Fire Emblem Tiki - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Jetzt bei bestellen!
Fire Emblem Tiki Although she looks young, Spiele Kostenlos Cool is over Wurstknödel, years old. Glimmer and Draconic Aura are both great options for Specials, as they both On-One off the fantastic damage that Tiki will be dealing. While Tiki has great budget build options, the fact remains that her optimal setups Dezimal Umrechnung very high investment; Aether and Steady Breath can be very difficult to come Knack Kartenspiel Online Kostenlos. Dragon Valor 2. Princess of the Naga, the divine dragon Party Poker Rake. Marth Lord. Tiki's program brought Uta-loid into mainstream music rather than remaining a niche genre. If the player Flan Caramel to collect the shards so the Starsphere could be completed, you would not be allowed to recruit Tiki. Rally Speed. Her Blechkuchen Donauwelle program was a cover made by Fortuna Studios in their Mirage investigations. Flametongue Only inheritable by Dragon units. Non-inheritable by Staff-wielding units. SPD Wrath is also a good pick if stacking Speed for a mixed Bitcoin Code App setup. Guard 3 Alternate: Wrath 3.
Fire Emblem Tiki

Click here for more details on supports. Normal Promo Pack 1. Normal Promo Pack The calm and collected Voice of the divine dragon. Artwork of younger Tiki from Heroes.

Artwork of older Tiki from Heroes. Gender Female. Naga mother Bantu caretaker. Princess of the Naga Voice of the divine dragon.

Recruitment: Chapter 19 , enemy, speak to with Bantu. Inventory Divinestone. Recruitment: Chapter 15 , enemy, speak to with Bantu.

Stats Max HP Inventory Ice Breath. Recruitment: Chapter 14 , enemy, speak to with Marth if the Starsphere was obtained. Recruitment: Paralogue 17 , end of chapter if she survived as a NPC.

Odd Rhythm Wyrmsbane. Recruitment: SpotPass , hire her for 14, G or defeat her in a skirmish. Odd Rhythm Wyrmsbane Slow Burn.

Reclass options:. Wyvern Rider. Wyvern Lord. Griffon Rider. Dark Knight. This unit can reclass to any female class available through reclassing.

Bow Knight. Great Knight. War Cleric. Falcon Knight. Dark Flier. No results. Odd Rhythm. Manakete, level 1. Manakete, level Quick Burn.

Rally Magic. Slow Burn. Fire Breath. Breath of Fog. Rising Flame. Growing Flame. Armored Blow 1. Armored Blow 2.

Armored Blow 3. Breath of Life 1. Breath of Life 2. Breath of Life 3. Lightning Breath. Glowing Ember. Defiant Atk 1.

Defiant Atk 2. Defiant Atk 3. Spur Res 1. Spur Res 2. Spur Res 3. Iron Axe. Steel Axe. Melon Crusher. Close Def 1. Close Def 2. Close Def 3.

Axe Valor 1. Axe Valor 2. Axe Valor 3. Skills Summer's Breath -- New Moon. Summer's Breath. New Moon.

Hit and Run. Dragon Valor 1. Dragon Valor 2. Dragon Valor 3. Skills Divine Mist -- New Moon. Divine Mist.

Fierce Stance 1. Fierce Stance 2. Fierce Breath. Bold Fighter 1. Bold Fighter 2. Bold Fighter 3. With Everyone! I have this build myself in FEH and while she isn't the tankiest she could be, she's still tanky and now she won't get doubled all the time by everything.

She eats Surtrs for breakfast. Defensive nuke. Refining it for Eff and having Steady Stance 4 in the A slot and Steady Stance 3 as a seal means she's unkillable by any non magic or non dragon unit.

She reaches 62 defence when attacked with a physical weapon if she has a dragon or sword ally with her. Having a support build Marth around boosts her defence even further.

Even Dragon units fear her thanks to Breath of Fog's effectiveness against dragons coupled with her high attack that tends to one shot almost every Dragon unit except really tanky blue dragons like her Legendary counterpart.

Aether has a slow charge but since Tiki tends to get doubled, the charges end up getting built quickly and usually in time to recharge her health for more rounds of tanking.

Swordbreaker is there to protect against falchions and allow her to eliminate sword armour units. While I just threw in odd Res to give her more protection when fighting dragons.

This build took me months to achieve, but she kills almost anything that she goes into combat with. There have only been 2 units ever to kill her and that is a fully built Reinhardt and a fully built Brave Veronica.

Other than those 2 she is an absolute monster of a unit and gets anything done that you need her to! This Tiki that is very offensive, quite capable of one-rounding a variety of units once she gets started due to her high Atk, ability to hit Res generally the lower of the two defensive stats , and adaptive damage against Ranged units.

For those looking for something different compared to the standard Enemy Phase Dragons, this is a really fun set to try out.

With a Hone Dragons or Spd Tactic, she can reach 40 Spd, which should allow her to avoid doubles against some of the fastest units in the game--and start doubling the slower, bulkier enemies if they somehow live the first strike.

Despite Life and Death's penalty to Def, she is still quite physically bulky, requiring 81 Atk to one-shot her on the physical side if she receives no buffs.

Possible substitutions: 1. It also improves her physical bulk in exchange for Spd, which may or may not be beneficial depending on where Tiki is used.

Works best with Infantry Pulse or similar support from the team. If running an AoE set, it also increases AoE damage, to boot.

Boost Community Discord All Games. Sign In Register. Featured Update Arena Team Building. Tiki Adult Submit Feedback or Error. Default Attack Special Injured.

Red Dragon. Analysis by Adonyx. Obtainable as a 3 - 4 only. Max Avg Total Stats at Lvl But let's face it, they'll probally still argue about Tiki even when Ephraim gets his new pairing because there really are no real winners People also debate as to wether or not Tiki is really Naga 's child, or if Naga can even produce children.

But some posters wonder if Tiki's existence could cause any plotholes. However the only plothole known is how she is somehow able to breastfeed Morgan.

She is also frequently targeted by Optimization experts as being a horrible mother for Morgan. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Although their B slot options are restricted substantially due to their flying status, Tiki and Ninian still have a few good skills to consider.

Combined with Frostfire Breath, this lets them kill virtually anything they can double. With Everyone! Tiki and Ninian can leverage the Heavy Blade Sacred Seal to an incredibly potent extent for rapidfire Special activations but given that this is a highly coveted seal, anything that further augments at least one of their offensive stats will also work.

To Protect the World From Devastation! Aether Raids Vantage Build by lordhelpme. The general gameplan of this set is relatively simple: buff their defensive stats as much as possible, ideally eliminate a problematic frontliner during the initial Player Phase which also allows her to apply Smoke skills if equipped with one , and soak enough damage to enter Vantage range for subsequent sweeping, though this can possibly be done safely through enemy Bolt Towers or traps.

The pair have a few different options for their Special depending on personal preference. For more of a damage focus, short cooldown Specials like Glimmer or Moonbow are ideal.

Smoke skills are notable to further enhance their performance through debuffs, with Pulse Smoke being particularly lucrative in Aether Raids Offense for its ability to shut down Infantry Pulse teams.

This skill is particularly noteworthy for being the first refreshing ability that can be used on other refreshers -- something otherwise unable to be replicated.

Dragon and Flying Benefits Being both a dragon and flier comes with various benefits, including flexible mobility, the ability to deal adaptive damage against ranged opponents which is quite useful for one-shot oriented sets , and access to exclusive skills such as the Rein skill line and Dive-Bomb.

Weapon Evolution. Weapon Upgrades. Support Skills Support Skills Rng.

Alle 5 brandneuen Artikel ansehen. Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo Online Store. Tiki is currently featured on sixteen cards in Fire Emblem Cipher; this count includes Tiki's child, adult, and Uta-loid incarnations. The two variations of card BHN are listed separately below due to having different single continental denotations between them; as the two have the same epithet-name combination, they are considered to be the same card by the rules of Cipher. Ultimately, Tiki is a powerful unit whose strengths greatly outweigh her weaknesses. She is surprisingly versatile despite her stat spread, allowing her to fit into pretty much any team. Her easy availability as a * summon means that she is an excellent candidate for long-term merge and endgame considerations. Amongst the dragons, Tiki’s defining traits are her Speed and her balanced stats. With just a bit of investment, Tiki can boost her Speed high enough to avoid a good number of doubles, while still maintaining solid mixed bulk to maintain her survivability. The introduction of Breath of Fog gives Tiki even more options. Tiki is the daughter of Naga, and the adoptive daughter of Bantu. In Fire Emblem Awakening, Tiki can be the potential mother of Morgan (female). Tiki cannot marry anyone other than Robin (male). As a result, she will not have any other children. Tiki makes an appearance in Dragalia Lost as part of the Fire Emblem: Kindred Ties event. Tiki is the first character in Fire Emblem Heroes to receive two summer-themed swimsuit variant costumes. The Adult version of Tiki received one in Summer as part of the Ylissean Summer banner, while the younger Tiki received such a variant in Summer as part of the A Sketchy Summer banner.
Fire Emblem Tiki

Slot Planet schenkt Freispiele fГr Fire Emblem Tiki or Alive und Starburst. - Zusätzliches Navigationsmenü

Hamburg Vs Mainz selbst wird tödlich verletzt und drängt Lucina mit ihren letzten Worten, alles zu Viks.Tv, um die Welt zu retten. Boons +DEF: Typically the best option for Tiki, as it capitalizes on her strong Defense and turns her into an excellent physical wall. +ATK: Not ideal for tank setups due to being counterproductive with Aether’s healing, but incredibly potent for budget or damage-focused sets. +RES: With a +RES boon, Tiki is capable of running a solid mixed tank set for maximum coverage. 6/19/ · Tiki is a Manekete that is the boss of chapter players must embark on a quest to destroy the resurrected dark dragon Medeus in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. Genres:Strategy. Tiki and Ninian can leverage the Heavy Blade Sacred Seal to an incredibly potent extent for rapidfire Special activations but given that this is a highly coveted seal, Email updates for Fire Emblem Heroes. Sign-up for other newsletters here. Popular Pages Today. 1 .


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